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Default Legos for platform

I wondering if i can use my old legos in the garage to make a basking platform for my turtles. Will there be any hazards to them? I will only use pieces too big for them to swallow>?
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Legos are heavier than water, but they float if you assemble them in air. Submerged assembly is the way to go. For fish, I wouldn't worry. But turtles could conceivable dissemble or even bite off a piece. The stuff is non-toxic, but sharp enough to do some damage if swallowed.
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Default Legos for platform

That's not a bad idea to have a Lego tank. Interesting idea, that'll have to go down with hamster tubes.

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I can think of nothing harmful ito turtles in legos--sounds like a neat idea! The bumps would give them some traction, and it would look neat, too. Talk about thinking "outside the box"!
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