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Question 2.5 gal

So, I recently purchased some true aquatic plants for my 5-gal tank. It arrived yesterday and I took out the Mondo Grass which I had so foolishly purchased a few months back at petco. Well, I didn't want the Grass to just die, so I took out my old 2.5 gal bow-front tank, cleaned it out, put in a little water (to just a little under the level of the gravel) and planted them on the side of the tank where the gravel is higher than the water. Well, that's all very well and good, but it looks a little silly having those plants in there and a decorative stone.

Are there any small semi aquatic reptiles or amphibians that I could keep in such a vivarium? I was thinking a single fire-belly toad. Or maybe a couple fiddler or red-claw crabs.
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What are the dimensions of the tank? If the tank isn't a tall tank you could keep a pacman frog in it. They are a lazy frog that doesn't move around much they like moss to bury themselves in and they just sit there waiting for something to eat to cross in front of them. If it's a tall tank with a tight fitting lid you could probably get a small tree frog be careful pet stores as far as I know sell 2 kinds of tree frogs. One stays small enough to fit in your hand and the other is a big fat frog that would be to big for that tank. I would do the pacman frog if I were you, keep in mind you will have to buy bugs for it to eat which is a lot different than taking care of fish. I would buy some moss and split the bag in half. Put half in the tank keep the other half for when you clean the tank and just swap out the wet dirty moss for clean moss, clean the dirty moss and let it dry out till you clean the tank again. Doing so will help you avoid disease and parasites, you will sometimes see little bugs in the tank that I think are mites but not sure the most affective way to kill them is with hot water and letting the moss and gravel dry out which is why you swap it when you clean the tank. I'm sure there are some treatments available for treating the tank by now, I haven't had a frog in over a decade. Anyhow good luck.
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Sounds like a nice little amphibian set up. I would add a heating strip that sticks to the outside of the tank just to keep the temp consistantly warm, since most amphibians are sensitive about temps. Firebelly toads or fiddler crabs would be very happy in that set up, just be sure there is a snug lid with any frog or toad!
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