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Default Cycling a second sponge in a cycled tank

Ive got an aquarium that is cycled and guppies are doing great. I'd like to start another aquarium for guppies. How long would it take if I add another new sponge filter and put it in to my cycled tank? Would that new sponge cycle faster or not?
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yeah it would cycle faster.i would keep it in there for a min.2 weeks and if you want to make sure its cycled then keep in for a few more weeks.
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It will definitely cycle faster, and you wont have to go through the process of cycling the new tank. I would leave it in there for a month to be on the safe side.
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i have a couple of big tanks where we keep 5 or 6 extra sponge filters running all the time...that way if i need to hurry and set up another tank i have the cycled filter ready for it....

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