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Smile New 10 gallon kit, proper cycling?

Hey guys, I am completely new to the fish hobby and would like to get some questions answered.

I recently got a Marineland 10 Gallon kit, and after carefully following the instructions and setting it up, I would like to know how to properly cycle it before adding any fish.

I added tap water and then put in a teaspoon of a Big Al's Multi-purpose Aquarium water conditioner that I bought from my local fish store. It says to add one teaspoon to remove chlorine and two teaspoons to neutralize chloramine. I'm confused to whether or not I should add one or two teaspoons so I add a one teaspoon last night just to be safe. I also have a Multi-purpose Bio-support which apparently has 300 million live bacteria per teaspoon so I also added one teaspoon last night as well.

I don't know if I am following the right steps but I want to make sure I have somewhat of a cycle tank before I add any fish to it. I currently have the filter running and the heater set at 78 F but aside from the two teaspoons I put in, that is it. Should I be doing something else or is it safe to add fish after a couple days?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
Here is a picture of my tank:

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How recently did you get the tank? A tank can take 8 to 12 weeks to fully cycle. There are fish that you can cycle your tank with, but other fish need an established/cycled tank in order to survive. When I put dechlor in my tank I put a bit more than the instructions say, because I even get confused with the instructions. I just fill the cap that is on the bottle and put that in the tank.

There is a sticky thread about the nitrogen cycle, I would suggest reading that to get an idea on cycling a tank.
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Adding the bacteria w/o feeding them will just be a waste. Read up on fishless cycling with ammonia or fish food or cycling with fish. Use the chloramine dose unless you know that there is only chlorine in your water (you can ask the water company).
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