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Question Urgent Black Molly Fish Questions

Hi. I just got my first aquarium, and I put in two black molly fish two days ago. This morning I found that my female gave birth. I googled it and I was told to separate the big guys from the little guys so that's what I did.

What do I feed the babies?

Do I need to do anything different?

Any tips?

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If i was you I would get them straight out into a baby tank as the adults are known to eat the fry. You can feed them brine shrimp or crushed up flake food as long as it is really small.
im 13 and have a 34litre aqua one tank which has:

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You have to take really good care of those younglings. If you do not have sufficient baby fish food like hikari first bites or baby brine shrimp, those babies are sure to die without food.
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just grind up some flake food real fine to feed them.......or.......you could get some Plecocaine...excellent food for growing fishies....lol

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10 gallon...just more air

10 gallon...stale air

just don't ask about the rest
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molly, nervous, pregnant

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