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Default Stocking 55 Gallon Pentagon Corner (tall tank)

Stocking 55 gallon Pentagon corner (tall tank)

First of all let me start by saying that I was patient and all my levels are at 0. I saw a Nitrate spike and did a 25 percent water change. Everything is good now. Currently I have 3 sunburst platys and 3 bleeding heart tetras in the tanks. I also have some Java moss in the tank which is doing well and spreading. Here is what I plan on stocking the tank with. Please let me know your thoughts.

1 Betta
1 Clown Loach
1 Rainbow shark
6 ghost shrimp (if they are food so be it)
2 or 3 Cory cats
4 or 5 small angels, hoping they pair up so we can get some breeding going
5 or 6 neons

I plan on putting in some tall plants to get the Betta a place to hide and hang out, same for the angels. I have seen that the bottom Clown Loach and Rainbow shark can get along, guess i will try to protect the Betta, should be plenty of room between them. I am planning on going pretty small on size for all for now. Does anyone see any problems with the set up.

Also let me say that I have an aqua clear 300 HOB filter with the setup of foam( bottom layer), biomax (middle layer0, foam (top layer). It has been a while since I had a tank and have been doing as much homework as I can. Does anyone see any possible problems with this layout.

Also, for lighting I have the standard light that came with it at this point, there is another spot for a second one and I plan to buy another fixture for that.

One more thing, any suggestions on feeding this tank
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Please ignore. Active thread in general freshwater forum.
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