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One question, while we're on the subject of not taxing the bacteria too much. Will three pearl danios be too much of a tax on a newly cycled 10-gal? I just don't want to split them up.
5 gallon setup:

10 gallon setup:
1 Julii Cory
3 pearl danios
2 Japanese Algae Eater Shrimp

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So I'm back after a long hiatus. A lot has happened in the past 8 months. We never did go back to get more tetras. We ended up getting engaged and married instead. LOL. We had gotten engaged in March, our work schedules got completely flipped around in May, I started a second job in June, the Hubsters took on another job in July, I started school in August, and we got married in September. *phew*

But back to the fish. We have 5 glo-lites and 3 cardinals remaining. Not sure what happened. Itís like they disappeared into a Black Hole. Within a week we had lost all 4 fish. No traces what so-ever. We have two thoughts - the other ate them, and/or they jumped somehow and the cat got them. I immediately tested the water and all levels were within the norm. That was back in the end of March.

Everybody has been happy and stable since. We are looking to add maybe just a couple more, but we are looking for a "tank cleaner" type of swimmer that is not a typical pleco or snails - I don't like the look of either one. LOL

As far as our Goldfish tank goes - I can't keep it clean for the life of me. I do roughly 1/4 - 1/3 water changes once a month. I have a Fluval filter made for a larger tank, and a simple over the back filter. The amount of brown algae is crazy... any suggestions? I've done a water test and their levels are pretty normal, the ammonia is a little high - but it always has been, I believe it's just because they are goldfish and they produce a TON of waste.
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corydoras are great cleaner fish and always interesting to watch....get 5 or 6 of the dwarf cories..pygmeus are the most common..

as for the goldfish tank ; you should be doing about 40% water changes at least once a week , not once a month.....

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