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I have a 29 gallon and all fish except the betta are in the 29 gallon.
29 gallon
3 mollies
2 black tetras
Marble hatchet
2 harlequin raspboras
Yoyo loach
3 Calico BNP

I now have no lack of plecos in my tank

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I agree with Obsidian. Just for future reference: the reason why Obsidian says to not listen to Betta man is because Betta man thinks that he knows everything there is to know about bettas. Betta man is a kid and he has had more problems with his bettas than anyone on this forum.
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There are some forum members in India who don't need heaters, but most of us do. I only heat some tanks 8 months of the year, because my basement is 80 F in the summer. But having a heater is preferable to not. Need is a relative term. Can you possible do without X, usually there is a way. Is it more work than having X, almost always. Stuff is standard equipment because it works.
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