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Default School Project on Betta Care

Yeah yeah, with all the betta problems I have had I don't see this going well. Anyway. So I am taking a class in flash and decided to try my best at making a little website thingy about betta care. I've got the graphics and stuff done, I just have to write the actual care stuff =)

But, as you may have realized, I am a terrible betta fish owner. I mean seriously I should never be allowed near a fish ever again. So I figure my advice is not at all sound advice, so I wanted to get help from all of you! =D You know, since most of you CAN keep betta fish healthy.

Anyway, these are the categories of care that will be on my website:

Water conditioner
Water pH
Tank mates
and decor

I wanted to see what you guys would want people purchasing bettas to know. Here is what I've got so far, so you can point out what is wrong and tell me off on what it SHOULD say =D They won't be worded like below of course, those are just short bits.


Housing - Preferable 5 gallons or more in a tank, but some EXPERTS can keep theirs alive in a fish bowl. 2.5 gallons of space AT LEAST, though, and only less than five gallons if you have been doing this a while and know your stuff. Betta fish like tanks with longer widths and shorter heights because they mostly stay at the top. Those are harder to find, though, so at least use standard tank measurements instead of going for one that is tall and slim just because it "looks cool". A top is required, not only to house the lighting but to keep the betta fish from being able to jump out of the tank, as they are known to do that.

Filters - Very important and every tank should have one. I prefer sponge filters because bettas are not the best swimmers and the current of mechanized filters are often too strong for them to swim normally or be able to breath from the surface of the water.

Heat - Bettas are tropical fish, and therefor need to stay warm. A thermometer and submersible heater are needed, preferably one that can be set to a certain temperature that will turn off when the water is warm enough instead of frying your fish. They need a temperature of 75 to 82 (???) at all times.

cycling - A cycled tank is very important to the health of any fish. Fish give off ammonia as waste and that ammonia can (and will) build up and become deadly for your fish. A cycled tank has bacterium that convert ammonia to nitrites and another that convert nitrites to nitrates. Ammonia and nitrites are quite dangerous, but nitrates can be kept at a manageable level, so it is very important that you cycle your tank. You can cycle the tank with the fish in it or cycle fishless. Betta fish are more hearty and can survive without ill effects through cycling as long as you are careful, but it is still preferable to cycle the tank before you get the betta. Cycling with a fish consists of changing up to 40% of the water a week, as well as testing the water frequently and change more water if the levels of ammonia or nitrite are dangerous. Cycling without a fish consists of using fish food or pure ammonia in an empty tank to give the bacterium something to consume. Either method takes about 6-8 weeks. But even after the tank has been cycled there should be a 20-30% water change a week to add in fresh water and keep the nitrates at a safe level.

Water conditioner -

oops, my next class is going to start, gotta go for now.
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Bettas can survive up to ninety degrees. I would keep my betta in eighty degree water. Cycling tanks is good n all but it isnt mandatory. I am not a betta expert, and had no probs keeping two bettas in a two gal divided. That isnt smart for a beginner but it worked for me. Try adding something about live plants. Theyre great for tanks and help cycle. Feel free to check out my siteat You can even use the pics that i took. Not the ones borrowed with permission though. Btw, you might want to add something about all the splendens complex members. I have some pics of my betta stiktos breeding. You could use those too if youd like. People might think youre weird. Heck, people think im weird even though i only have upwards of fifty bettas. Anyways, good luck with your thing. Sorry grammar. I am on a phone so grammar takes forever.......
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