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A bad luck issue

Posted 04-25-2012 at 09:40 AM by yannis2307
So... yesterday i bought 5 cute little fishies. I made sure to make them slowly adapt to the aquarium, but one of my angelfish started chasing them around. He stopped, and then started again a number of times so i tried to calm him down by holding him on the side with the net. I noticed something strange on the new fish: they did a movement like a spasm all the time. Here is a video of them:


please help by telling me if its a disease and what i should do! im really worried!
Anyway, i thought to myself that they just hadnt adapted yet and went to training. An hour later i came back and on was dead. Half of his tail was ripped of and his dorsal fin was also half ripped off. My angelfish did the work, im sure because the platies never even gave attention to the lil fishies and the angelfish had started bad with the new fish already. i held the angelfish in the net so that they could not get out and harm the new fish while i set up a little 5 litre backup tank i use in emergencies. By the time i set up the small tank, one more fish was dead. It didnt have a single scratch on it, im sure the angelfish hadnt done any harm. It died just like that. What can the reason be?
Five minutes later, when i had caught and transported the two of the three remaining fish, i found the third floating in the big tank. It was still moving so i tried to swim it around the tank. I put it in the small tank hoping it would be better, but we had a third casualty. Two fish are still alive and im afraid they'll have the same fate as the others, because they still do the spasm thing.
I would appreciate also if you helped me telling what fish they are. The shop owner told me it was some kind of barb, but ive searched and havent found anything similar to them. here's a picture of one them where you can see them better:

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Hello, browsing around and found this topic. I'm guessing your pic #1 is a tetra, not a barb at all. Based on the poor quality of the picture, it's hard to tell, so possibly it's a Serpae or a Diamond Tetra. I'm no expert in diseases, so sorry on that part, but have basic knowledge in parasites. Any foreign materiel stuck to the fish or anything hanging out of the anus, mouth, gills, etc?
Posted 12-09-2012 at 01:18 PM by Vayurules Vayurules is offline
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