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Allergy to fish food.

Posted 07-11-2012 at 02:03 PM by Fishus
Updated 07-16-2012 at 11:01 AM by Fishus
Fish food, what such and what harm it can put this to our organism? By concept fish food mean not only dry, but also the live and combined foods for aquarian pets.
On what food there is an allergy at the person inclined to this illness? Many beginning aquarium man are afraid that they will begin an allergy to an aquarium, assuming that it can be an allergy to water flowering. But that water in an aquarium blossomed it is necessary to try very strongly.
More often allergic reaction arises not from water, and from a version of foods with which you feed the small fishes. Here the main thing to consider, what not from all types of foods there is an allergic reaction of an organism, and only as practice shows, from the dried-up crustaceans such as the water flea. When feeding weighed dust from these foods causes a boring.
The allergy to a food at different people proceeds on a miscellaneous: at one itís the dermal itch, for others tears flow from eyes, the third start to choke or sneeze.
How to avoid an allergy to food for fishes? The exit is very simple: though such types of foods as dry the water flea also are today the most inexpensive but if you want to have an aquarium, simply get rid of feeding by this type of food. In pet-shop and in the bird's market always it is possible to get the magnificent combined foods of various firms of various proteins according to the contents, proteins and vitamins.
Their benefit now is issued great variety in the form of tablets, granules and flakes. Similarly thereís with live sterns. On them there is no allergy (if only you not a unique person).
Simply consult at the seller of fishes which the food will be suitable for your pets. In total problem is solved and it is possible to get quietly an aquarium without being afraid for itself and people around. Listen to our councils and the allergy to food for fishes will pass by you.
Protect the fishes; don't lead up them to treatment by antibiotics.
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