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Preparing Food for Fish at Home.

Posted 07-17-2012 at 08:40 AM by Fishus
Not always, aquarist can purchase food on the market or pet store. An excellent substitute for a live feed can be cooked his own food.
****1. Hard Boiled cooked semolina, millet or buckwheat. Cooked porridge washed in cool water and allow almost all kinds of fishes.
****2. Raw, frozen beef heart, cleaned of fat layers and films. The meat is cut into thin shavings across the grain and hand crush into crumbs. This food is perfect for feeding large species of aquarium fish.
****3. Frozen fish fillets are ground, as well as meat.
****4. Fresh or frozen eggs of bream, perch, carp. Eggs were washed thoroughly and remove the film.
****5. Finely chopped salad - it is very fond of fish, preferring to forage plant species.
****6. Pounded oat flakes. This food in emergency cases, it may replace the specialized food for young fish. But to abuse such foods are not worth it.
****7. Cool boiled egg yolk. The yolk was separated and crushed by hand. Lack of food that frequent feeding egg yolk leads to pollution and turbidity of water.

****The basic rule of feeding freshly prepared food types - remove food debris. Water pollution by organic foods leads to fermentation in the water and the emergence of malicious microorganisms to fish.

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