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Breeding Corydoras attempt 1

Posted 01-17-2013 at 08:54 PM by Lei
Day -4 (Saturday 12th January)
I bought some new plants for the fish tank, in an attempt to start learning about planted tanks, and removed fish and water to put in plants. I added the water carefully back into tank, replacing about 20% with fresh water, and put the fish back into the tank. I removed two goldfish from the tank and moved them into their own tank instead.

Day -1 (Tuesday 15th January)
I noticed the Corys were acting a bit off. I have three Corys, one larger female and two males. Their dark patches had gotten noticeably darker, and they had started swimming in the middle of the tank a lot more, and rummaging around a lot.

Day 1 (Wednesday 16th January)
The Corys began courting each other. I saw one of the males courting the female - twisting around her and generally making himself a nuisance, constantly putting himself in front of her. I thought they were fighting (and wrote for some advice on their behaviour on here! ). I didn't see the T position, but when I got home from work and looked in the tank, I spotted a couple of clutches of eggs stuck to the glass of the tank beside each other.

Day 2 (Thursday 17th January)
The Corys had left another tiny clutch of eggs on the glass of the tank when I woke up this morning. So far they are not acting strange any more, and appear to be done with breeding for the time being. None of the other fish in the tank have paid any attention to the eggs, and none of them appeared to have been eaten or disturbed.
Despite this, I moved the eggs as carefully as I could into the travel tank. This is about 1.5-2 litres, with the small heater fitted to the wall to keep the tank warm and some Java Moss as well. I moved them by using my water cup, and scraped the eggs off with a fingernail (I tried using a razor blade but I just couldn't do it). I dropped a couple of eggs, but the majority ended up in the travel tank. I don't have a spare air stone so I am going to get one tomorrow (I need one anyway). Checking the eggs carefully, I removed one that was white-ish, I don't know if it was infertile or fungussed, but I didn't want to risk the other eggs. The rest are all a transparent-ish beige/tan colour, so I think they are all fertile!
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