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Breeding Corydoras attempt 1 day 3

Posted 01-18-2013 at 06:31 PM by Lei
Day 3 (Friday 19th January)
I went shopping this afternoon and bought some Meth-blu and an air pump - I have one already for my big tank but it has too high a wattage and was already in use anyway. So I got a little 50w pump and I put an airstone on the end of it. It works perfectly!

I put the Meth-blu in the water as well. Sounds a bit silly to say but it turned the water really blue! I only used 0.5m because the travel tank the eggs are in is about 2.5l, and just that tiny amount turned the entire water a deep blue colour. It's not fantastic because I can't see the colour of the eggs now, so I don't know if they've gone white or not. also, just opening the bottle got the stuff on my hands, and my fingers are stained blue. I'm assuming it's not toxic since it goes in with the fish!

Anyway, based on estimates, it's 2-4 days to go before the fry are born! I got some liqui-fry stuff as well to feed the fry, and I have moss on nets to go in for food and protection as well (I don't have it in the tank right now so it won't be damaged by the meth-blu).
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