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Default Spawning in Quarantine Tank

Do any of you guys have this problem?

It seems lately that every time I bring home some new fish that I want to try to spawn, they spawn in the Quarantine tank, which doesn't turn out very well for the fry.

The fish in the spawning tanks don't spawn at all, of course. GRRRR!!

So, I found some really nice Black Ruby Barbs, the best I've ever seen, and I take them home and run them through Q-tine. Now they're in a spawning tank, where they are doing nothing at all.

I looked at the Q-tine tank to clean it up for something new, though, and wouldn't you know it... fry. Not a lot of fry, though. Most died from either the meds or from starvation. I have a very few left, and doing very well, but man, this bugs me. This is about the 5th time this has happened over the past year.

I've got to figure out why they like the quarantine tank so much, but not the spawn tanks.
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