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Old 08-20-2012, 06:08 PM   #46
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Blue Fish Aquarium over here in Grand Rapids, MI
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If I ever go to southern CA, I think I'll check some of those out. For northern CA, O street aquarium is good, aqua life aquarium, aquaworkz, (my favorite) lee's feed, and the sunrise petcenter.
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Crew, if you have a smart phone get it out and take a video of your local shops! I would love to see what the other shops look like!
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Old 08-20-2012, 10:55 PM   #49
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Originally Posted by Betta man View Post
If I ever go to southern CA, I think I'll check some of those out. For northern CA, O street aquarium is good, aqua life aquarium, aquaworkz, (my favorite) lee's feed, and the sunrise petcenter.
Out of my whole list, if you come down here and have to choose one, go to The Aquatic Warehouse. Some people don't like it because it is kind of like, the king of LFS in southern California, but it is still a LFS and they still only have one store so I don't know why people get all over their case haha. It is literally, a warehouse. Salt, Fresh, Ponds, everything. And they know their stuff. I have been dealing with the same people there for years. They just remodeled not too long ago as well.. and the place is even doper.

Originally Posted by grogan View Post
Crew, if you have a smart phone get it out and take a video of your local shops! I would love to see what the other shops look like!
I know the AW won't care if I shoot a video of their place.. Others might mind but I will for sure.
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Old 08-26-2012, 08:36 PM   #50
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There's a Petco that's 10-15 minutes away from my house. Sometimes it grosses me out, though, because the filters in the tanks there are really strong, and fish get stuck to them, and then the other fish in that tank start to eat them.... I know, ew, right?
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Old 09-03-2012, 11:33 AM   #51
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Paradise Aquarium
Middle Village, NY
IDK the address but its on Freshpond Rd.

The employees are excellent and they sell fish, tanks, and all other fish supplies as well as birds, gerbils, reptiles (which is where I got my pet snake). It is my favorite and I am always excited to go to the store.
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Old 12-05-2012, 12:23 PM   #52
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Nassau County in Long Island NY, Pets Warehouse. It's a local chain (only three stores) and one of them doesn't sell fish. The one I go to in Carle Place is amazing though. When you walk in, there is an enormous koi pond and when you wander into the back, so many fish!!! Fresh and salt water. They are the healthiest fish I've ever gotten out of a pet store at a great price. Two of the employees know my name (yes, it is partially because I go there almost every day...) and they are so helpful and knowledgeable. They also have a great selection of plants and a huge amount of just about anything you need for your fish. Love it!

Also... I'm starting up a fish store of my own!!! So far there is no storefront and I'm currently working on getting a selection of fish and fish supplies so nothing for sale yet, but the site is you should check it out!
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Old 06-11-2013, 04:02 AM   #53
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My favorite fish shop is a place in Lewiston Maine called Black Shark. Ron, The owner and only employee has been in business for 40+ years. He doesn't do much business during the summer, but during the winter he is so busy that he orders his fish in lots of 3000 a week. That's alot of fish! He has some beautiful show tanks in the store with some of the biggest fish I've ever seen. In August he is setting up a 1500g tank. I can't wait to see it.

Almost all of my fish have come from him, Very knowledgeable and understanding to his customers. He will talk you ear off. Alot of times I just go in his place to look and listen to him talk. I'm excited to see what kind of new fish he will be adding to his place this fall.
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Old 09-24-2013, 08:28 AM   #54
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baltimore, md: exotic aquatics
it's an amazing store. unfortunately, it's between 1.5 and 2+ hours each way for me to get there. i haven't been in a while, but the last time i went, they had an insane selections of both fw and sw fish and inverts. all their tanks are pristine and they focus on acclimating an wild-caught specimen to aquarium life, including commercially available diets, before selling them.
i was able to muster just enough self-control, but during my last visit i was tempted to purchase a handful of fw pipefish.
such a cool place =)
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Old 09-24-2013, 01:40 PM   #55
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my favorite fishstore is my basement..nice selection of fish and i can get them for free.. i am always adding new stuff anhd they get treated like

it is a shame that so many of the small shops are closing down..they just cannot compete with the big stores except for the knowledge..and as i have experienced , there are an awful lot of folks that just do not want good advice.............

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Old 07-10-2014, 03:45 AM   #56
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Out here in Los Angeles the fish stores have been droping like flies just like the hobby store industry. it's not so much that I have a favorite anymore, but one that frequent because it's close and it's not petco/petsmart
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I like my local PetCo because of the HUGE selection, but for cleanliness and proper knowledge I much prefer Benson's! We used to have a great family-owned fish and bird shop in my town, but the owners sold it and now it's just gone down hill. The place is just gross now! Mold on the walls, dead fish in all the tanks, an ant infestation... Where are the health inspectors!?
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Old 07-13-2016, 02:03 PM   #58
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Bob's Tropical Fish in LA!
234 S Atlantic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90022, United States
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Old 09-29-2016, 03:00 AM   #59
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Thank you all for sharing this fish store list...

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Old 12-18-2016, 07:52 PM   #60
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The chains put the best home owned fish store out of business. Poor guy moved to a better location. 6 months later a damned Pet Smart opened next door to him.

We have just one locally owned place in town now. It's a pet store with birds, reptiles and fish. They stayed put in their cramped location where they have always been. They were there when I got in to fish back in 2001 and they're still there now. They work hard and they make a living.

They know me. They like me. They helped me big time when I had to make an emergency move. They kept my Discus for me until I could get set up tanks. They sold the ones I told them that they could sell and gave me money when the fish sold. To this day they buy Angels from me. They pay me in cash. They always give me a discount when I buy something from them. When I was overrun by multitudes of Angel fry they gave me the name of the wholesaler.

Pet Smart and PetCo would never do that for me. Neither will they buy from me. I refuse to business with them. I have never set foot in either one.

Even when one of them was having a $1 per gallon sale I bought 2 29's from my place. They just cost $10. more each. Spending $20. less ain't worth betraying the kindness these folks have shown me.

The name of the place is Pet Place. It's located in Hattiesburg, MS.
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