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Default Guppy tank change/cycle Q

Ive never had a tank in the 20 gallon range. How often and what % would I need to change in an uncycled 20 gallon long tank with 2 male guppies and 3 nerite snails?

I do have a test kit and plan to use it

Using the gravel vac I would guess 50% twice a week for the first couple of weeks then 50% once a week from then on??
Or would you perform more in the first week, like 30% every other day?
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I would do few more water changes than that until the tank is cycled. More frequent water changes opposed to big ones. Maybe 10% every second day since the stocking isn't too much.
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use the test. See ammonia, say 0.5, change water. Should be a pretty light load, so feed lightly and watch.
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