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Default Am I overstocked??

So people say I am overstocked but, I wanted to ask the experts!

my tank (20 gallons):

2 blood parrots
1 dinosaur bichir
5 mollies
3 guppies
1 mosquitofish
6 apple snails
3 sunset honey gourami
1 turquoise rainbowfish

Am I overstocked??
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you are so overstocked that your fish are going to come out of that tank and hunt you
1 blood parrot is more then the 20 can handle..
the bichir will also get too big for it..
the mollies,mosquitofish,snails , guppies and gourami might be ok...but not the others... i always tell folks.....

your tank.....your fish.......your time......your do what you want with them....

even though your fish may be small now ; in not such a long time you are going to need a much bigger tank...i would think a minimum of 55 gallons..

if we ignore nature;maybe it will go away

10 gallon..nothing but air

10 gallon...just more air

10 gallon...stale air

just don't ask about the rest
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I'm the type that would just save up for the 50 gallons, look for used tanks, but even then they can be pricey...I've been getting bigger and bigger tanks as I go, the bigger I go the more fun I'm having with fishes.
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yeah i agree...that's almost enough to fill 2 tanks. Even if you could change the water enough the fish still wouldn't have enough space for themselves. It would be like living in a 4 bedroom house with 19 other people. Except the bathroom would be everywhere, because you would be fish. But fish don't have to sign leases or pay bills, so it's up to you provide them with adequate space!
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