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Default glow light tetra?

I bought 6 glow light tetra's tonight and put them in my tank (75 gallon) in the store the fish had a pretty orange stripe, but in the tank the stripe is pretty much nonexistent, could this be my lighting? running 2-48" t5 HO's.
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I'm not too familiar with tetras, but some fish lose their color when stressed, like moving them from one place to another. Once they've been in you tank a while their color should come back, but this is just a guess from my experience.
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give them a day or two they will come around
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There are a few things that can effect the brightness of the orange on these fish.

As mentioned stress.

Also Tank temp.
Ideal temp for these guys is 75 to 82 deg. If it is outside this range it could change their color a bit.

As you mentioned lights.
I'm not sure what K rating the light should be to show them off best, but the light will definitely make a difference
Dave (fish_doc)
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