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TOS has a really good point, you can sum it up in saying ignorance is killing the hobby. If I didn't have my fur and feather allergies i'd be applying to work at petco or petsmart in the summer. Ive only been to those major pet stores twice, once several years ago to look for frogs and once like 2 yrs ago to look at how Walmart, Pet World, and Pet Supplies Plus are. Walmart just sucks for fish, stick to groceries. Pet World is okay, Pet Supplies Plus is fish hell. They have all these tiny display tanks, half the fish are dead and all the rest are sick, the tanks are extremely over crouded and the employes probably cant spell fish. I had some fun testing them, acting like i have never had fish and now I know there are so many fish you can put in tiny filterless fishbowls, like bettas and goldfish combined (yes they did say I could do this), some day i want to do this at like petco and petsmart, but go more in depth. My lfs only sells fish and fish stuff and everyone there knows a lot about fish, for my 55 gal tank, they gave me a precise cycling and stocking time frame and I used that and now all my fish are alive and well (I already knew how to cycle a tank, they just told automatically me after i got my 55). They have great quality fish, service and a room with couches and display only tanks, there need to be more pet stores like that. But becaause most people go to walmart or petco, they would be 10000000 times better off reaserching before they take stupid advice and loose money, fish, time, and intrest in the hobby.

Congrads Lohachata! Hope you can help many people create reasonable set ups.
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There is a pet store here in Bremerton, WA that isn't really good with their fish. But one day I broke down and bought three clown loaches to keep the two I already had company. Well two of them passed and I still have one that is from this pet store. I have had her since 2006 and she is still alive today. The pet store I am talking about is Farmland. They are doing a little better with their fish though. I am thinking about volunteering my time there so that I can help people with fish knowledge.

I wish that more pet stores would have people with fish knowledge so that people can go and get the right advice about their fish and tanks.
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Originally Posted by OhYesItsMe View Post
Pet Supplies Plus is fish hell.
The Pets Supplies Plus in my area isn't bad. They just started up a salt water fish section this past fall. Yes they have a SW fish employee there to help out. I have seen their SW stock and almost every 2 weeks I like to stop by just to see what 's new.

The only knock I have on them is the lack of variety of SW equipment. Again, like Petco, it's all comes down to these stores having knowledgable fish employees for them to survive and succeed.
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