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Old 11-25-2012, 06:16 PM   #1
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Default Help on my fish selection

I am trying to decide what type of fish I would like to go with in my aquarium. Just as a little background on my set up.

-56 Gallon column style tank that is 30Lx18Wx24H with all glass top
-2 Marineland LED lights (one on each side of the brace bar) the total lumens is 620.
-45lbs of Pure Water Pebbles Gravel
-6 Mini Fake Plants, 1 corner fake coral piece, and 1 large coral piece with spots to hide
-1 4" air-stone circle and 1 12" air stone bar
-Fusion 500 air pump with silicone hose and air check valves
-Hydor Theo 200w heater
-2 Penguin Bio-Wheel 200 filters (overkill I know but the 350 would not fit with the brace in the middle)

Here is a list of the fish I would like to choose from:

-Clown Loach
-Angel Fish
-Opaline Gourami
-Bala Shark
-Colombian Shark
-Redtail Shark
-Black Swordtail
-Creamsicle Molly
-Balloon Molly
-Bosemani Rainbow
-Trinidad Pleco
-Rio-Negro Pleco
-Neon Tetras

I also like the little gold claw crabs and spotted puffers but I know those probably aren't the best idea. The main thing is I want active fish that live together peacefully, look interesting, and swim at different levels. Once I decide on the fish I will cycle everything and then gradually add them.
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Old 11-25-2012, 07:01 PM   #2
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I have a 55 gallon tank with two clown loaches and two bristlenose plecos. I would advise you stick with fish that cannot outgrow your tank unless you are planning on upgrading to a bigger tank. Clown loaches can get 12" long and are huge, they need at least a 6 foot tank.

I plan to upgrade to a bigger tank when my clown loaches get bigger.

Oh my avatar has three clown loaches in it, but I lost one recently.
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The species of killifish I have, (F. gardneri) is small and seems to live well with my other fish in my signature.

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dont get a redtail shark or any shark for that matter when they grow up they get get aggressive and attack other fish.(ive got that to come as mine is small.)
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Clown Loach - no, they need 4' to swim when grown
-Angel Fish -fine, but 30" long means only one breeding pair, be prepared to rehome extras
-Balloon Molly - don't buy these, they tend to die in the first childbirth
-Bosemani Rainbow - Great fish, but also should have 4' to swim
-Neon Tetras - fine

No more than one "shark" per tank. I would also suggest just one kind of pleco, pick a small one. Someone will know better than I.which are suitable.
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