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Darth Ichthyos

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This is a canister filter? If yes, turn it upside-down and give it a gentle shake. Repeat a few times to try to get all the air out of it. When fully full it should be silent.
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I think this is a HOB where the powerhead is in the tank. You should take it apart and make sure the impeller is clear (not wrapped in moss or a piece of shipping cardboard). Also fill the tank to 1 finger's width below the rim. Make sure the blue plastic bumpy thing is in the waterfall the right direction.
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I am at a loss then you may have bought a bad one. with any HOB filter there will be some splashing noise but it should be relatively quiet if you want perfect silence you will have to check out a canister filter or go all out with a wet/dry. Personally if you can take it back I would do so try a new one or try a whole new brand whatever your choice sounds lie you have a bad filter if it is making lots of noise. Also I had to put a book on top of an old HOB a long time ago to keep the top of the filter from rattling so bad.
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