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Default Tank update WOO HOO!

Found a place selling what I really love. Denison barbs. $8 per fish at about an inch long. I got 12. They are very color washed from stress, but they all have red fins, and red lines down them. Now just to feed them some good food and get them to color up. Xtreme aquatic food is what I use personally. Flakes and mini cichlid pellets, they really get a fish good fat and colorful.

Traded in my giant danio's because they were getting far too nippy and food hoarding. Unfortunately I had an accident happen and I sucked up one of my brilliant rasbora's when gravel vacuuming tuesday. It was biting my hand for a solid 2-3 minutes being diligent to not hurt it or do anything I was just taking my time. Fiance called my name, I looked away to talk to her and voila there went a dot through the tube. Couldn't get there fast enough to shut the water down to the faucet that the python was connected to.

Pictures to come as well because I've added a few more fake plants to the mix for cover, symmetrical balance, and aesthetics. Detailed the tank as well for algae. Looks like it's new after toothbrushing every leaf on every plant.
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