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Default Stocking Question

So I have cycled my tank and gradually added fish. Right now my tank is fully stocked when you base it off of max size I came in at 57.5" for a 56 gallon tank. My clown loach seems stressed and lonely so I am considering a 2nd one. That would put me at 69.5" of dish. However my question is all of my fish are very small so when I take that into account I am truely only at 31" of fish including a 2nd clown loach. Would I be ok with this amount at this time? I do plan on going to a bigger tank and I may trade in a few of the fush as well.
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Go for it as long as you realize that fish do grow quickly. I'm currently slightly overstocked so I can't exactly say no, don't do it... but as long as you are responsible about water changes and caring for your fish, it shouldn't be a problem
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the 1 inch per gallon rule does not work...everything depends upon what species of fish you are keeping...a 2" irridescent shark will grow to more than 3 feet.....not a good fish to have in any tank...but if you are keeping all small tetras and others that will not get very big then you could add a few more clown loaches as long as you are prepared to put them in a much larger tank in a couple of years.....after all ; they do reach 12-15 inches...

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Default can be used as a research and planning tool, but it has it's flaws. It's probably the best stocking calculator out there by far. And Clown Loaches are cool, but keep in mind they do get big...
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Not all fish grow quickly. Clown loaches grow slowly, but they do reach over 10 inches easily. So you do have some time before you upgrade to a bigger tank with them. I have two clown loaches in my 55 gallon tank, one is 7 inches and the other is 4 inches.
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