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Embers To Ashes
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Default My Paradise Gourami Looks Odd?

My Paradise gourami doesn’t look anything like the pictures have seen. The paradise fish I have read about are beautiful with bright red and blue coloration. My gourami is only a pale blue with a dull red tail. I thought as he grew he would color up, but he is over three inches now and never has. When he is angry or trying to show off, he gets a faint black line that extends from his mouth to in between his eyes, ending at the beginning of his dorsal fin, and a matching bolder black line on the bottom edge of his anal fin. The spot on his gill also darkens. I got him because he was the biggest and I thought he would start showing color soon, but today I saw a paradise fish about half his size with the bold and beautiful coloration I have been waiting for. Is my “he” really a “she” or is there something wrong with my boy, or is he even a paradise fish at all? (If the pictures dont work, my fish looks almost identical to the fish in the thrid picture of google images if you type in "paradise gourami)
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Pictures link doesnt work
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