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Default A little bit sad

So a couple weeks ago my oldest and dearest fish Big Brown (a brown weather loach) made a bid for freedom from his tank. I was lucky enough to be near by and get him back into the water fairly quickly. He seemed to be doing ok but was struggling to stay upright after his visit to the outside world. Some days he would be woven through the plants and seemed to be fine then others he would be floating upside down at the surface. Well today my wife (hxcchic22) found him dead in the tank.

He was a fun and charismatic fish and nothing will spoil the memories of the time we spent together.

In all seriousness though if you have loaches make sure you put a good cover on your tank cause they are escape artists. Does anyone have any advice on action to take after a jumper is returned to the tank? This is only the second or third jumper we have had but the others were out much longer and didn't last the night.
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