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Default Sump for freshwater aquarium

Can anyone direct me to a simple diagram or instructions on what a freshwater sump would need in it (if I constructed it)? I have read a lot on this and I really need instructions for a complete newb. I understand I don't need a skimmer and I don't need a mechanism to eliminate bubbles (I forget what that section is called). I think I'm going to use the herbie method for my overflow and put the drain directly into the water so there's no splashing. I'm just unclear on the exact # of chambers to make a GREAT freshwater sump and what goes in these chambers. Like I said, I'm a newb. The holding tank is 100 gallon and the tank I have for the sump is a 30 gallon. I have yet to divide the 30 gallon tank in any way. Thanks for any advice.
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for example I have read this online regarding a freshwater tank sump:

"Sump laid out. four sector with first sector being mechanical filtration, second sector bio filtration, third sector chemical filtration and finally return chamber.

Media used: 2 kilo of lava rock, 2 kilo of bio ring, 12 cones of bacteria home, green bio mat, black sponge, German glass wool, biohome plus."

Now I sort of understand that this sump is done in 4 sections. Now, the media used? Is this media they are using within the sump? If so which items of media are going in which sector of the sump? Thanks for any help.
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You generally divide the sump and have water flow through the whole thing. Usually the sump if full of just media, but you can put in live plants (with a light), a heater, a auto-top-off device, things like pH testers, anything that needs to be in the water. You arrange the media like a canister filter. You have some sort of floss or foam to catch the light crap and then arrange the stuff from coarse to fine.
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For a ton of great ideas I have turned to uarujoey on youtube, I followed his steps on how to build my tank stand which is now my in wall 100gal baby. You will find that he uses very common items in his DIY layouts of projects and keeps price rather on the low side. I subscribe to him and watch most of the vids, I know you will find what you want there and it will be step by step and inexpensive as well.
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this sounds like a great project keep us posted on how things go
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