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Default Chinese algae eaters rehomed

The first part of my post I deleted by accident. My point was that until the weather breaks I dont think mail ordering fish is a good idea. I ordered from liveaquaria and really didnt like the packing set up. I have ordered from aquabid and the individual sellers there are very good with packing. Nice amount of heat pack and the fish were individually packed with enough air and no collapsed bags and leaking.

Well guys I have had some thought about what everyone was saying about the CAE's I still have the sucker mouth that is protective of his area but not like the CAE to aggressive. I ordered some Siamese Algae eaters but unfortunately they didnt make it. I am going to try and hold out over the winter from ordering anything that has to come in the mail it is just to mush shock on the fish IMO, I will try and do my best to hold out unless I actually go and pick up something no more mail items(LIVE) until it gets much warmer.
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It is almost never a good idea to send live through the mail in the dead of winter. There are ways to counteract the weather, but can be riskier than necessary.

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