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Default Best goldfish food?

Hi, I am interested in finding out which goldfish food people like the best, here are some of the foods that I heard are good:

Hikari pellets
HBH goldfish flakes
Nutrafin Max pellets mix
Wardley goldfish pellets

Also, is feeding freeze dried bloodworms to goldfih a good option at all? Thanks.
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Default Re: Best goldfish food?

according to people who breed goldfish, it's this one:
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Default Re: Best goldfish food?

If you dont want to spend that much buy Tetrafin...
Feed pellets and flakes to liven it up
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will full grown goldfish eat feeder guppies or feeder goldfish for that matter?
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they can and will... anything that can fit in your fishes mouth is potential food.
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Default Re: Best goldfish food?

i use Nutrafin goldfish flakes with it's low phosphorus formula ( less algae ) and added P.D.P ( pre-digested plankton ) it's number 1 on my shopping list!

Yum Yum
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