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Default My pump is broken!

Hey all, so it's 9pm here in Australia and my pump/filter broke while I was cleaning it this evening.

My aquarium holds 200 litres and I have:
  • four goldfish of varying sizes (biggest about 10cm head to tail, down to about 5cm)
  • two little zebra danios; and
  • about 12 bristlenose (plecos), mostly small (3-4cm) but for one big guy (about 8cm).

I am worried the fish might die overnight before I can get to the pet shop to buy a new filter ... Can someone please reassure me, or I won't get much sleep! Thanks
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get some hydrogen peroxide from the drugstore...i am sure it is available there....
add 3 drops per gallon whenever you see fish at the surface gasping....

if we ignore nature;maybe it will go away

10 gallon..nothing but air

10 gallon...just more air

10 gallon...stale air

just don't ask about the rest
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