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Default New guy

Hey guys I just joined(well a couple days ago took forever to be able to post!!).

But anyways I'm 22 from the west michigan area. And I've always been interested in fish. But have only owned them for a year or two. I've always stuck with basic ones you buy at walmart, meijers, and petsmart. But I've grown to really like angels and SA chichlids which is why I joined this forum.

Just the few days I've been here I've learned a lot the most important is cycling. I'm assuming it's why in the tank I got now I did a 50% water change and it's still cloudy water?

Anyways as for tanks. I got two right now both are 20 gallon I believe.

One has 5 glowfish(which type exactly not sure I'll find out tomorrow) and 2 cories. And one snail the other did. It has 2 plants(bought from petsmart and after reading one of the posts hope they're the right kind for water). Tomorrow I'll be adding 4 more cories then in about a week about 5 more fish either more of the glowfish or a top of the water type.

My other tank has an oscar and a tiger barb(4 died prolly from not cycling or the oscar).

Tomorrow(well later today) I'm buying a 55 gallon tank. Which is where my oscar will go and possibly an angel or 2 with some SA chiclids. Or maybe no angels IDK. And I'll be redoing the second tank completely hopefully with glass catfish, Harlequin rasbora amd 2 diff kinds of loaches and maybe some sort of algae eater IDK.

I also have a 40 gallon long tank which holds my bearded dragon.
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Just to let you know, I don't know a whole lot about Oscars, but I'm pretty sure that they can't live with fish like angels indefinitely. Good to see you're already looking at tank upgrades, though!

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Ya as soon as the Oscar gets... bye bye angel... probably a better idea to keep the separated...
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Originally Posted by MainelyFish View Post
Ya as soon as the Oscar gets... bye bye angel... probably a better idea to keep the separated...

oscars are very aggressive and they would tear apart the angels. anyways welcome to the forum bro. you will learn alot of cool stuff from all the people on here. glad you could join.
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