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Default New here

Hey all I'm new here, and semi new to the hobby. I had a tank with some piranhas for a few years but recently rehomed them and upgraded ( tank was a 30 gallon ). I will admit I didnt take the best care of them and they even had one of those walmart filters without the proper media but thats all changed.

I currently have 4 tanks setup, with a 5th in the works:

125 gallon - 2x Pearl Gourami, 12x Harlequin Rasbora, 5x Black Neon Tetra, 6x Neon Tetra, 6x X Ray Tetra, 4x Five Banded Barb, 15x Corydoras, 9x Various Platy, Bristlenose Pleco, 2x Hillstream Loach, 3x Assorted Rainbowfish, 1x Kuhli Loach
67 gallon - 7 Pictus catfish 1 Striped raphael catfish
50 Gallon - 1x Red Tail Black Shark, 3x Synodontis Jaguar Hybrid catfish
20 Gallon - 1x Pearl Gourami, 6x Male Guppy, 3x Kuhli Loach, 3x Albino Corydoras, 1x Upsidedown Catfish
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Welcome, your tanks sound awesome(: Pics?
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