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Old 11-25-2012, 07:52 AM   #1
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Default Hello fellow fish lovers

I'm shidohari and i live in the USA.

I currently have three tanks with the specs as follows below.

Tank 1: Planted with crypto wendii, Jack the spadetail betta, mossball (4 gal)

Tank 2: Planted with crypto wendii and an anubis plant, 3 julii cory cats and 1 double tail betta with mossball and stacked stone 'cave'

Tank 3: 2 days into fishless cycle using bloodworms, will be planted, with a slate or stacked stone 'cave'. Species specific Harlequin Rasboras. maybe a couple red cardinal shrimp from the same place as the rasboras if they won't die due to temps the current from my penguin 100 filter, due to the fact if i put cories in it'd be too crowded.

I have found that i'm surprisingly good with fish. I have to change the water on the four gallon today, and changed the currently cycled ten gallon (tank 2) yesterday.

My other pet is a 9 year old siamese mix cat named Cinnamon.

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hello and welcome
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Welcome to FF

If you want your cycle to go a little faster you can go without the water changes util you are all done. Without fish in the tank you don't have to worry about levels unless they get over 4ppm on either ammonia or nitrite. Once it is cycled do a mega change- about 80% wait 24 hours, add fish. I say wait because you will want to check the numbers again several hours later so you can be sure it did cycle.

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Yep the only thing that i'm doing in the fishless cycle tank at this time is adding one pinch of freeze dried bloodworms a day to the tank until i get some high ammonia readings.

This is the third day i've done it actually.

Also have been adding Seachem's stability to the fishless cycle tank and had some biomedia in a media bag from the four gallon that i put into the ten gallon.

All three tanks right now for filtration are penguin 100 power filters with biowheels and a media bag of extra bio material to give it some extra beneficial bacteria.

Thanks again for the welcome.
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