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Introductions If you are new here, tell everyone about yourself and your aquariums.

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Default Hello from Maine

Hello, thank you for allowing me. Im a freshwater fish hobbyist, was into it from childhood till I met my wife in 92, got out of it shortly after till about 96 where I had only a 55 gallon with a striped raphael in it, till 2006 where we bought an old largish farmhouse and got back into.

Currently up is a 150 community with 7 giant danios, 1 rainbow (i know I need more, findning pet shops with quality around here is insanely hard), 1 blue spot rasbora, an albino and a regular bn pleco, 1 albino algae eater and 8 misc cories.

a 125 with a nile tilapia in it

a 125 with a striped raphael, a silver dollar of some kind, an id cat and 1 male gold speckled upside down cat

1 55 with about 15 skunk botias and 6 yoyos, 6 neons, 6 pearl danios

2- 20 longs, 1 is a qt tank, other has another male upside down cat that tilly the tilapia decided wasnt going to share the tank with.

1 40 breeder with high orange mississippi map turtle

and a kiddie pool with a female paintedturtle in it.

I should mention the only fish I actually bought were more skunks to thin out the aggression and havent had an issue since and that was over a year ago, (and the raphael we had since the kids were about 3 or 4 who are now 17 and 18), all of the fish I have came with tanks Ive bought.

Thanks again for having me, always hoping to learn more and see others ways of maintenance and diy projects.
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welcome to the forum
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190L corner with a variety of fish i will not mention as its ever changing and i cant be bothered to keep editing a sig
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C. King
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Welcome, Vicdad! That's quite an assortment!
20 gal; well planted
2 angelfish
4 cherrybarbs
5 cardinal tetras
1 dwarf gourami
3 oto catfish
1 bristlenose pleco
1 crown tail betta
2 rasboras
1 cory cat
a few shrimp
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