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Default Howdy from Southern Wisconsin

Hello all,
My Name is Wild Man and I am a beginer in the aquarium world. I have always loved them but have not had the time until the last year or so. About a year and half ago I started a small 15 gal tank. I had had tanks before that but had not had very good luck (have learned much about the local water since). Still have the fish that I started with but now they are swimming in a 50 gallon with a few friends and I also have a 55 gallon with fish. I have much to learn and look forward to learning from those who know. I seem to get different answers everytime at the pet store. Not saying they haven't helped me just that it's hard to tell which ones know their stuff. I'm guessing there is a place to list your fish so I will wander off and find that.
Look forward to the knowledge base here!
Wild Man
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Welcome tot he forum Wild Man! Glad you made it our way, hopefully you can get what you need and meet some of our awesome members!

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welcome to the forum
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hi and welcome
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welcome to the forum buddy
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Welcome to Fish Forums. I also have a 55 gallon fish tank. I have 4 fish in the tank, 2 clown loaches and 2 bristlenose plecos. I plan to upgrade my tank to a bigger one so that I can get more clown loaches. When I do upgrade, I plan to use my 55 gallon as a hospital tank for awhile then turn it into a community tank with small fish, like neon tetras or some other colorful fish.
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Welcome to the forum. Hope we can help. There are lots of good stores and fish clubs in Chicago & Milwaukee. Seek out "local" forums for advice on what thrives in your local water. If you have wells into limestone, you will have very hard, alkaline water and African cichlids and live-bearers will thrive for you, but great lake water is quite different.
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Welcome to the forum. Feel free to ask any question you want, and we will answer with experience from our time in the hobby.

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