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Default Going to a bigger tank. Help

Hello, My name is Jenn, and I live in montana I have keep fish since I was about 7 or so and have had many tanks of different sizes and different fish also. My favorite of all time is the angle fish. So much so She was my first tattoo.
any way now days I have a 55 Gal tank that I have had for about 8 years with most of the same fish for about 5 years with a few partners dying
I have a large plecostomus which is the oldest, 1 small catfish which is buddies with the plec. 2 clown loaches, 1 orange shark, and 1 silver dollar. They are running out of room and I have recently bought a 110 gal tank to give them more space and maybe get a buddy for the shark and silver dollar.
Now, I know I have to get the bacteria bed set and I will use some if not most of the water from the 55 gal. I think anyway that seems like the right way to start the process
So my main question is- how long to set a bacteria bed in a tank that size before I can put in the fish and can i also use my rocks to help the process along? And the old filters?
Also what about the filters and air pump that I have can I use them in this new tank or are there any suggestions on something different/better? I have 2 aqua tech filters (the dual filter) now in my 55 gal and a whisper 60gal air pump?
Thanks in advance for any input.
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Welcome to the site!
Using the rocks/ornaments and filters from the old tank is better for jump starting the cycle in the new tank than the old water. The gravel will have more beneficial bacteria than the tank's water.
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