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Default The new addition to my family.

I thought I'd share the pictures of my dog. She's a real sweetheart. We named her Arwen. The first two are a couple weeks old, and the last one is recent. We love her to death.

90 Gallon
1 Julidochromis Marlieri
2 Neolamprologus Leleupi
4 Neolamprologus Brevis
1 juvenile Altolamprologus Calvus
1 juvenile Altolamprologus Compressiceps
1 Neolamprologus Brichardi
10 Cyprichromis Leptosoma
1 Opthalmotilapia Ventralis

10 Gallon
Breeding pair of Brevis
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OMG how adorable! Definitely a face anyone would love I hope she keeps her floppy ears. I have a thing for floppy ears on a dog LOL. It's the one thing my Kiera is missing!

20 Long: 4 albino Corycats, 4 red line tetra's, 6 Black Neon Tetra's, 1 Rubber lipped pleco- 8 years old now, never grew! 1 Blue Dwarf Gourami.

5.5ga- 5 neon tetra's

I have green things with leafs.

Note's from Bradley: "Meow." "Yes I did say meow, and I meant it."

Note from Kiera: "Can I Play with it? Can I play with it? Can I play with it? Please? Please? Please?"

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Default The new addition to my family.

Ugh I love her!!

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