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Default Switching to Reef, info needed.

I currently have a fish only 55 gal tank that I am considering changing to a reef. I'm down to just a small picasso and 1 damsel. The tank used to be a FW, so I have an overflow box and under the tank filtration system. I'm planning to buy 75lbs of Fuji rock to put in it and I know this needs to be cured before adding any type of coral. My questions are:

1. Will I need an additional blower on top of the return port that's already circulating water?

2. My aquarium currently has a typical FW hood system with 1 48" bulb (used for fresh water). Will 1 T5 bulb (what wattage?) be enough light or do I need to chang my hood system?

3. What supplements will I need? calcium, iodine, etc?

4. What additional water level tests will I need do? I currently test nitrates, nitrites, pH, salinity and ammonia.

5. Anything else I should know?
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1) generally yes, depending on your current rate.
2) you will need to change your lighting system based on what you want to keep
3) highly dependent on the corals you intend to keep
4) Alk Ca Mg are generally important to most coral health
5) If you are asking these types of questions may I suggest getting a good book on the subject.
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