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Unhappy Sump Shopping

Hey Everyone-

I've been away for awhile but I'm back and setting up my 125 as a reef. My question is on sumps/fuges. Out of all the filtration systems I've used, sumps are by far the best and the most frustrating that I've come across. My problem is most likely cheap equipment, I'm guessing, as I'm currently running the system that the craiglist tank came with:

-A large unknown pump (I'm sure I could find the name on it but I'm not by it)
- 1 Large rubbermaid tub

- Overflow box with U-tube (Had a sponge that fit it; dog ate it, no lie )

- Drain line is I 1" flex tube

- Return line is 3/4" vinyl tubing

I got a Coralife Super Skimmer 220 that is in the sump so anything I get needs to be big enough to house this. I also have a 30" compact florescent under the tank.

The biggest problems I'm having are loud splashing, gurgling, and micro bubbles in the tank. I'm figuring anything with a baffle will take care of the bubbles but I'm wondering about a quieter system that would be good to house a refugium and be big enough to hold my skimmer.

Here's are the two I'm looking at:
Eshopps R200 Fuge

Crystal 36 Sump

Crystal 36 Elite Sump

Also should I get a new overflow box to cut down on the noise? I'm looking at a Reef Octopus, either the OB300S or the Dual 300.

Thoughts? Feedback?

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Old 01-19-2013, 05:33 PM   #2
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If noise is a concern, and you're no stranger to do-it-yourselfing a bit, google "Durso overflow" for lots of info on how to make any overflow nearly silent.

The Coralife 220 Superskimmer is..well, not exactly top of the line. As in a royal pain. It's big, hard to fine tune, and makes a ton of stray bubbles. You'll definitely need a way to keep these bubbles out of your tank. A sponge chamber for the skimmer's exhaust can help.

I'm not familiar with any of the listed sumps, so I can't really help you on that one.
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Old 01-19-2013, 05:59 PM   #3
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I've noticed the fine tuning problem with the Coralife and of course the size. I like it for now...I suppose part of the fun of this hobby is upgrades!!! As far as DIY durso, I've seen it and I've done DIY in the past but I always come up just a hair short. To give you an idea of my DIY style, my motto is "It doesn't have to be good, just good enough" <-(trademark pending), so I'm thinking I want to buy something rather than leaving the health of my reef up to my jerry rigging!

Thanks for the help. I'm sure I'll have more questions.
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eshopps, refugium, sumps

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