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Arrow I Recently Purchased 'Arowana Secrets Revealed' (Arowana Fans Check This Out)

Arowana Secrets Revealed - Robert Khaw

Hi guys, I recently purchased the Arowana Secrets Revealed e-book because I was thinking about opening my own Asian Arowana business. And was the ebook disappointing? Not at all, the only disappointment was that Robert Khaw did not share anything about those who want to breed Asian Aros. But since this book is focused for Arowana hobbyists, I can deal with that and I also understand what a headache it can be to crack the Arowana breeding code. For those who have bred Asian Aros successfully please pm me.

Anyway, what can you expect from this ebook? First of all along with the ebook you will get two bonus ebooks. Let me tell you about the two bonus ebooks first.

1# Instant Arowana Blueprint

First Robert will discuss whether or not it is hard to keep an Arowana. Then he teaches you how to observe your aquarium stores, whether or not you can smell a rat in the business. He will teach you how to spot what you are looking for, for example an Asian Gold Arowana and how you can spot whether or not it is a purebred Asian Gold Aro and not a crossbred and whether there is use of color hormones to enhance the color to deceive buyers or whether the Aro is placed under sunlight to hide its original color and more that he will reveal to you.

Robert will then discuss about setting up your Aro tank before hand and how it can be perfected according to the type and color of Aro that you are getting. Then he goes on to discuss about filtration, both mechanical and biological filtration, heater, air pump, lighting, water quality and many more, even emergency treatments.

2# 5 Steps To Setting Up Your Arowana Tank

Here he makes 5 simple and easy to follow steps from setting up your tank, setting up your filter system, conditioning your tank water (pH levels & water hardness), lighting to types of quality Arowana food.

Now that I have stated the two bonuses, the main ebook is the Arowana Secrets Revealed. And this is a 36 pages ebook discussing from Arowana origin & classification, different types of Arowana, spotting the Asian Arowana, colors of the Asian Arowana, wild versus bred Arowanas, differentiating the Asian, South American & Australian Arowana, tips on differentiating grades of Asian Arowana, keeping your community tank, understanding the behavior of your Arowana, mystical beliefs related to Arowanas, 11 guideliness to follow when selecting an Arowana fish such as swimming posture, personality, gills, fins, tail, scales, mouth, barbells and many more. He will also discuss about food, Arowana illness and how to manage these illness and more valuable infos.

Overall, the ebook is a must get, especially for Arowana beginners but also for advanced keepers, you be the judge. I would say my $37 to safe guard a $300 Arowana is surely worth it. But I am from Malaysia, and the Asian Aro price here can be very expensive sometimes. Now, for those who want to know about Robert Khaw, his sales page and buy the e-book, check it out here:


I hope my review has been helpful because I saw some who needed advice on their Aros. If for some reason you are not satisfied with the ebook, you have your 60 Days Money Back Guarantee. Just contact Clickbank support and it will be done for you within a couple of days. You are welcome!

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