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Default Petco <3

I hear a lot of bad things about Petco and PetSmart, but so far, I really like my Petco. The same three people are there every time I go, which is at least once a week now. One of them is always working with the fish and he is able to answer all of my questions. So far, all of his advice has gone well for my tank. I also think he has fish of his own but I don't remember what he said. The second guy usually works at the check out and he is really friendly. He always asks me about what I am buying and wishes me good luck with my tank. The third suprised me the other day. We are buying a Conure from a breeder today and we went to Petco to buy the supplies we needed. When I called him over to ask questions about the birds, he said "Hey, you're the fish girl!" I don't know why it suprised me that he remembered because I am there a lot, but usually for fish, not birds. He then talked to us about training a Conure, and also about his own fish tanks at home. More pet stores need better workers like this! They need people who actually have experience with the animals they are selling, not just people looking for a job. I would really love to work there, unfortunetly most pet stores won't hire people under 18. Also, my dad wants me to get my license first so he doesn't have to drive me everywhere. Too bad I drive like my MeMa :/
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C. King
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Its true that petco & petsmart have bad reputations, but it really depends upon the individual store. Some stores have hired people who are trained, knowlegeable, and care about the fish/animals, while others are completely opposite. I suspect it has alot to do with the manager, who is responsible for hiring and training. Sometimes, even bad stores luck out and hire a good worker. It sounds like your local petco is one of the good ones! I bet it would be a fun place to work, too.
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