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  1. Beginner Freshwater
    Hey guys, I've recently got into the whole aquarium hobby after really enjoying taking care of my betta, Walter. I've been keeping fish for a few months now and have a couple questions. My current tank is five gallons with Walter, a ghost shrimp (probably adding more soon to replace the...
  2. Want To Sell
    AQUA-Tech 5-15 Power Filter: $10.00 I have an AQUA-Tech 5-15 gallon power filter that I no longer need. It is used, but in very good condition. I'm selling it for $10 or the best offer I receive. Sorry, there is no filter cartridge included. Here are some pics: Please private message me if...
  3. General Freshwater
    Hello, I have been using my 5-gallon Eclipse hex as a quarantine tank for my 55 and 29 gallon tanks, but now I’ve added as many fish as I think I should at this point. And since those are full, I’d like to put something in my 5-gallon. I know I probably can’t get too much in there, but I am open...
1-3 of 3 Results