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  1. General Freshwater
    As I wait and wait for my parents to get me my 75g tank, I have had time to look over and review my list (some of you may remember that discussion). After some research, I have decided to make a few changes, and I would like to know if these are all right. OK, so, the original list looked like...
  2. General Freshwater
    I've finally made a list of the fish I want to get for my 75g tank. Can you guys tell me if these fish are all compatible or not? 2 Upside-down Catfish (Synodontis nigriventris) 1 Angel Catfish (Synodontis angelicus) 1 Striped Catfish (Synodontis flavitaeniatus) 1 Butterfly Pleco...
  3. General Freshwater
    What size tank does a Ropefish require? I was looking into these interesting fish, but every site I came across had different information on it. Basically what I'm wanting to know is, will a Ropefish be comfortable in a 75g?
1-3 of 3 Results