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  1. Livebearers
    So, while at the local fish store, I noticed a tank marked 'feeder fish'. They were going for 25 cents each, with deals for the more you buy, so I decided to take a look at them. And what do you know, they're baby guppies! Apparently the store takes all of the babies that their fish have and...
  2. Livebearers
    Hi i'm new here. But I could really use some advice. A few days ago my pregnant balloon molly gave birth to I think only 3 fry. We knew that she was probably going to be giving birth any day and then before we left for work we noticed that something was coming out so we thought that was...
  3. Livebearers
    I have had her for about a week, and she seems huge now! can anyone let me know how close you think she is? thanks!:p :fish:
1-3 of 3 Results