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  1. Fish Videos
    This is the largest fish in the fish room, and he has a real attitude problem. He eats or kills anything that I put in the tank with him. However, everyone is amazed at how pretty he is. He is now a member of my family.
  2. Diseases
    My fish has been acting really strange lately and i dont know what to do about him. His color got significantly darker and he seems to be off balance alot. He also doesnt eat like he used to and sometimes bumps into the glass. I'm really worried and i hope someone could help me figure out whats...
  3. General Freshwater
    A few days ago I posted the thread Angelfish help... now I need help with my discus. I just bought two more juveniles yesterday making a total of five discus that will hopefully pair up in the future. The issue is that they don't look like they're doing so well... I've rescued a sick discus from...
  4. Cichlids
    . So i have a 55 gallon I am getting ready to cycle and set up once that's done I want to put Rusties and Lemons in it but i want to make sure a few things. Will they get along? How many of each would be enough to keep them happy but leave me understocked? Is there an Algea eater or snail i...
  5. Cichlids
    I have aqueon cichlid flakes,and am wondering if this is a good food for cichlids.I heard that aqueon fish food isn't very healthy for fish.Is this true?
  6. General Freshwater
    Setting up a 29 Gallon freshwater, and was looking to put in two pairs of dwarf cockatoo cichlids, which my LFS told would work as long as it had enough hiding places, and wanted to fill up the tank with some dither fish. Cardinal tetras are a personal favorite of mine, as are glow-light and...
  7. Catfish & Other Bottom Dwellers
    I have a 2 in common pleco with 5 african cichlids in a 20 g. I dont see it feeding on the disks during the day. What can I feed it? How can I feed it?
  8. Cichlids
    Ok I have been wondering if this is a good setup. I have an Auratus and a Yellow Lab. (Both Females) What other fish can I get with these. I have a Penguin Biowheel 150. Like in the title, I have a 20 gallon tall.
  9. Cichlids
    Im new to cichlids and im wondering what and how many cichlid can live in a 10 gallon aquarium (no tankmates if necessary). :?::?:
  10. Bettas
    My betta was staying in the same place overnight and I was worried. Today after I came from school and fed him he was in the same place that he was overnight. When I moved his net for water changes, he just started moving like nothing. When I showed it to him again up close he flared. :razz:
  11. Cichlids
    So I have a approx 7 y/o African Cichlid that is yellow and black. Sorry dont know the actual type. It hasn't eaten in about 7-10 days. It is really dark, and its eyes have gotten huge. It seems like it is suffering, but I dont want to kill the little guys if there is an easy fix. I have...
  12. New Member Introductions
    Hello all. My husband Joe and I (Nichole) are fish enthusiasts. We built a 210 gal. tank into the wall in our kitchen for cichlids and we have a 44 gal. tank in our living room for spotted puffers. We also have a 10 gal. tank in our bedroom for tropical tetras. We could use some help on...
  13. Cichlids
    Hello to all, I am wondering if anyone can provide some insight on mixing chemicals and medicine. I ask because I believe my roommates green terror cichlid has the ich or Saprolegnia Fungus (See pic below) and I do not want to over-treat the tank. The green terror is in a 40 gallon hex tank...
  14. New Member Introductions
    I just signed up for! Pretty cool site. I have two 55-gallons, a 30-gallon, 20-gallon, and a 10-gallon. First 55: Saltwater Porcupine Puffer Yellow Tang Snowflake Moray Blue Damsel Three False Perculas Second 55: Fresh Bunch of cichlids 30: Saltwater Yellow Tail Damsel 20 and...
  15. General Freshwater
    Hey guys, I'm planning on eventually getting a pair of these pretty fish for my 20 gallon long. Any suitable tank mates? I was planning on getting 6 tiger barbs to start, and I heard they are much less aggressive if you keep them in shoals of 6 or more. Is that right? Any other ideas?
  16. Cichlids
    Hi there, I'm new and this is my first post but I'm sure there will be many more. Any way... My questions are about pike cichlids. I have a 40 gallon tank, I know that's a little small for most pike. The tank is custom (36'' long 16" tall 18" deep) so it's not as tall but it's bigger front to...
  17. Cichlids
    so i got a new salvini cichlid and he's in a 10 quarentine tank for now. i have a peice of drift wood and a rock cave in the aquarium and he spends all day hiding(some times floating sideways or at other strange angles) i can't get him to eat anything at all. i even stuck a live earthworm right...
  18. Cichlids
    New to this forum but a regular on others. Thanks for having me. Check out a video of my tank. Hope you like.
  19. Cichlids
    Can you guess me? Calling Cichlid identity pros! ;) I've been keeping fish for over 6years but I'm rather new when it to some cichlids(I've just kept rams, severums, convicts and keyholes before). I work at a humane society and these fish were left outside our building in a small plastic tank...
  20. Cichlids
    So Oscars are supposed to be these really aggressive fish? Mine gets bullied by the othercichlids in our 100 gal. He has quite a few nips in his fins, but he's very healthy. He's about 6-7 inches. But he never chases the other fish or anything. Is he just an exception to the rule? And he's a...
1-20 of 22 Results