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  1. Beginner Saltwater
    hello, i am experienced with tropical fish and am considering starting a salt-water tank with coral and a couple of clownfish. can anyone tell me how much it would cost to start a small tank and how hard the maintenance is ect. thanks, jacob loads of guppies, pair of sword-tails,pair of mollies
  2. Beginner Saltwater
    in a 40 gallon tank. 2 clownfish,-Ocellaris.aspx?CoreCat=IO-_-ProductDetail_3-_-Clownfish, Ocellaris-101788 2-3 Chromis 2-3 gobys...
  3. Beginner Saltwater
    So I have a percula clownfish and had a yellow tailed Damsel, then about a week later added in a maroon clown, which died in a day.. being that the damsel was so territorial i figured it was him that killed it:chair:, so i took him back.. well anyways today i bought a sabae clown, being told it...
  4. Beginner Saltwater
    I have a 24gal nano-cube, I'm about a week into it, and the water and everything is testing perfect, I started out with just a clownfish and a yellow tailed blue damsel (really, obviously territorial) and both those are very healthy looking, I added in a new clown two days ago and it died...
  5. General Saltwater
    Hi i have two clownfish in my ninety gallon tank When I first got them, one would constantly bother the other, but the smaller one had a hiding place where the bigger one would not fit. Eventually stopped and they were both perfectly fine. A few days ago however, it started happening again...
  6. General Saltwater
    hi. i have a gold stripe maroon clown which i recently purchased from my LFS. i was wondering if there is a way to determine if it is a male or female so that i good try to pair it and then breed them. please help! all input is accepted thanks!!
1-6 of 6 Results