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  1. Aquatic Reptiles and Amphibians
    I have a female albino African Clawed Frog. She is about 5 years old. The other morning I woke up to quite the surprise, over night she had laid hundreds of eggs all over her tank!! She has her own tank and has not been exposed to a male frog since I got her as a juvenile. Has anyone else had...
  2. Goldfish, Koi, and Ponds
    Hey everyone! I have a really weird question. I know goldfish are out of breeding season, but last night, I looked into my comet goldfish's bowl and noticed about a bazillion "bubbles" sticking to things. (Normally I am a live bearer person, so I'm used to gravid spots in guppies and little live...
  3. Beginner Freshwater
    I have recently noticed a load of clear looking spheres on a plastic leaf in my fish tank that I could only imagine being eggs from 2 angels, since they're the only species of fish in my tank with a mate. They are swimming very close to the eggs, being protective I assume. My question is what...
  4. General Freshwater
    hiya all. this morning we woke up just in time to see 2 of our corry's dancing and then make a T shape, so the eggs may be fertilized... she started to places eggs right away so we arn't sure if they had time to mix... it took about 2hours for her to lay her eggs, which where all placed on a...
  5. Beginner Freshwater
    hello, we have had shrimp in our tank for a few months now, and one is having her second batch of eggs!! she seems to get full of eggs that fill on to her swim legs, however she seems to lose them over time before they develop... is there anything we can do about this? there are 3 shrimp in our...
  6. Cichlids
    Thought you might enjoy a real tight shot of my angels laying eggs.
1-6 of 6 Results