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  1. Bettas
    I'm going on vacation and I'm going to be gone for 5 days. Should I give my betta to my friend? Or--this might sound stupid--, but could he last that long without food? I'm new to bettas so please everything would help!:)
  2. Catfish & Other Bottom Dwellers
    I have a 2 in common pleco with 5 african cichlids in a 20 g. I dont see it feeding on the disks during the day. What can I feed it? How can I feed it?
  3. General Freshwater
    Ive herd that goldfish, platy and mollies all can survive almost entirely off of eating plants alone with feeding them flakes maybe once every week and a half. I have had goldfish doing great on this system. What other fish can do this? :fish:
1-3 of 3 Results