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  1. General Freshwater
    My fish tank has never been crystal clear (except for when it had about 1 fish in it) and I am looking for a way to make it at least presentable. Another fish keeper I asked told my he recommends 2 Odyssea CFS500s and after doing a little bit of searching around, I stumbled upon the Odyssea...
  2. Want To Sell
    50 gallon fish tank with stand and ALL accessories - $150 - Topeka, KS area The tank has been sold via Craigslist! :) +++++++++++++++++ Hullo! I've posted this to Craigslist already, but I would feel even better if I knew a proper aquarist was buying my tank. ;) Selling a 50-gallon...
  3. General Saltwater
    What would b better for a reef tank? 36 gallon bow front or 40 gallon hexagon. I was gonna convert the 55 to salt but just seems like too much work. Any advice?
  4. General Freshwater
    All my decorations are starting to turn brown. Tank has been cycled for about 2-3 weeks. Fish are doing fret and ph, ammonia, nitrite and nitrate levels all good. Should I clean this off? Get an algea eater? I started slow but is starting to get worse.
  5. DIY (Do It Yourself)
    If your an I.T gadget geek like me then have a go at making your own submersible live webcam for your fish tank lol :fish:
  6. Want To Sell
    75 gallon fish tank - $750 (or best offer) North Hollywood, CA price includes: built in filtration system, solid wood stand, solid wood canopy w/light, gravel, coral stones, 7 foot hose for water changes, sink connectors, carbon filter bags, and any other accessories we currently own. 2nd...
  7. Want To Buy
    Does anyone within a couple hours of Fargo, ND have a 90, 120 or 180(preffered) gallon aquarium for sale? I was getting one and that fell through so I need one pretty soon, let me know if you have one to sell. Thanks
  8. Member Journals
    My 29 Gallon Tank - HTML.Coder I have a 29 gallon tank in my room with 2-3 guppies; 2 catfish; 2 platies; 2 glass fish; and a few more in which ive forgotton the species they are..;-)
1-8 of 8 Results