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  1. Want To Sell
    Various portions of Guppy Grass for sale.... Sized by aquarium size ⇢ portion will fill noted aquarium size completely…. 20 USG .... $80 10 USG .... $50 5 USG.... $37 2 USG .... $20 ✍ At least 60% of the specimens will have fully mature roots, making them ready for planting. Plants do not come...
  2. Want To Sell
    Hi, my name is Austin. I'm new to this forum, this is gong to be my first post, so if I did something wrong, my bad lol. Does anybody have a freshwater stingray, something under 12in disk spam for sale or trade? You can pm me back or send me a email at [email protected] :) (oh Any species...
  3. Want To Sell
    Hey!! I currently need to trim my tanks. They are getting a little out of control. I will definately have enough for 2 or so packages. I sell them for $26(includes shipping). I always make sure there is plenty of plants in the package. :) wisteria cabomba ludwiga(actually have a couple of...
  4. Goldfish, Koi, and Ponds
    I recently caught what i believe to be the worlds largest fancy tailed goldfish when caught weighed around 18 pounds and is now around 20 pounds. and am interested in selling it.
  5. Want To Sell
    3-Asian Green arowana=5-6 inch 3-Red Tail Gold (RTG)=5-6 inch 3-Super Red=5-6 inch 2-Cross Back (Xback) 2-Super Red (Chilli, Blood, or Purple Fusion) 1-Silver Arowana=36 inches contact [email protected]
  6. Want To Sell
    I have a few Pomacea Bridgesii/ Diffusa (Briggs) known as "Apple Snails" for sale.I have a few different colors to choose from.They are the size of a pea and some are dime size.2.00 a piece.
  7. Want To Sell breaking down my 55g salt tank and selling the equipment. so up for sale is a Current USA Satellite Single Compact Fluorescent, 2X65 Watt, 48 inch lighting system. i am located in bloomington, indiana, but will ship as well, (with some help from the buyer.) highest bid gets it.
1-7 of 7 Results